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Web Hosting

Your website with style and consistent language

All Plans Include

Installing applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and others.

Migration tool for websites hosted on cPanel and Plesk platforms.

Faster loading of yours, through automatically configured CDN

Management of email accounts through the panel and access to webmail.

Complete management panel for your domain.

01 MySQL database.

What is hosting?

For your website to be seen, it must be hosted on an Internet server. Only then, people and companies, can locate your site by name, and access it whenever necessary. That is why there is hosting that is not restricted to sites only. If you also intend to use the professional e-mails from your domain, in many cases, the same server for your website, it is also for the e-mail messages that will be sent and received by you.

What is SSL?

SSL is an encrypted security certificate (“scrambled data”) designed to guarantee the integrity of the transfer of information between the sites and the users. It protects your website against data interception by hackers. SSL has been increasingly requested and since 2018, Google gives priority to sites that have the certificate enabled.

Beginner Plan

R$ 16,99


Professional Plan

R$ 24,99


Business Plan

R$ 49,99



How do I transfer my domain to Tananuvem?

If your domain is .com.br, you can enter the Technical ID or change the DNS addresses. These data are sent as soon as your plan is activated. If in doubt, contact our support (11) 3192-8800.

Which plan is the most ideal?

When choosing a hosting plan, the availability of resources must be taken into account. If you already have or will need 10GB or more of storage, the PRO plan is right for you.

How do I transfer my website to Tananuvem?

If your website was created in HTML / CSS, you can use an FTP program (FileZilla, for example) to download the files from the old server and upload it to your account. In the management panel, you have the file manager and you can also transfer it there.

How is my plan space counted?

The sum takes into account the files on your website and the email messages saved on the server. If you only use Webmail, IMAP configuration or save copies of emails on the server, in the POP3 configuration, be aware of the total storage available in your plan.