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Everything you need, via the Internet

Virtual Phone, Also known as Virtual PBX e VoIP, is more than a telephone system. Connected to the Internet, you can make and receive calls anywhere, make video calls, chat with other employees via chat, and also integrate the chat on your website.

Your virtual phone earnings

Application for you to make and receive calls from your fixed number on your cell phone

Portability of your fixed number

No phone sets required.

No fine or mandatory "loyalty program"

Web panel to integrate the chat with your company's website

70% savings worth of your phone bill.

Browser access

Greater practicality in your day-to-day to answer and make calls, while performing other activities. With web access, you can see all the collaborators on your team.

Do you work alone? No problem. Set up self-service and organize online meetings via video conference

Save time with commuting

It is increasingly common for web conferencing events. from one location, you can serve people from all over the world. Schedule meetings, presentations, interviews and training through web conferencing simply and quickly.

Share presentations, work screens and even record online events to review and share later.

Chat and voice integrated with your website

Unfinished solution that allows integration between your phone and website. With it, you have a communication channel so that visitors to your website can start a conversation by chat or voice.

Basic Plan

R$ 29,99


Fixed Calls DDD: R $ 0,06 / minute

Brazil Cell Phone Calls: R $ 0,25 / minute

Professional Plan

R$ 39,99


Fixed Calls DDD: R $ 0,06 / minute

Brazil Cell Phone Calls: 0,25 / minute

Fixed number plan

R$ 49,99


Local Fixed Calls: R $ 0,02 / minute

Fixed Calls DDD: R $ 0,06 / minute

Brazil Cell Phone Calls: 0,25 / minute


If I port my number, how is my Internet?

If you have Internet access associated with your fixed number, when portability is performed, your Internet link will be canceled. It is important that you ask your operator for a new Internet link without the phone.

I need to have a phone device

No. The service is 100% online and per application. But if you want a device, we recommend that you provide an IP device, GrandStream GXP1610 models, GXP1615, GXP1628 or Intelbrás TIP 102i or TIP 125i.

When I make a call, what number will appear?

For the person you are calling, your number will always appear.

What Internet link size do I need to have?

From 1 to 5 virtual phones, 3G access is sufficient. But if you are going to have more than 5, we recommend at least an ADSL.