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Virtual store

This is the best time to start your online store

Benefits of your online store with us

Your Virtual Store made by our team of professionals

Store installed on your domain

Integrated with payment methods

Front calculation by the Post Office

Constant updates to ensure the safety of your customers

SSL certificate included

Complete management panel for your domain.

Management of email accounts through the panel and access to webmail.

Faster loading of yours, through automatically configured CDN

We created your Virtual Store

Invest your time thinking about your business and we create your virtual store. We've put together two of the most powerful tools on the market for your store to fly on the Internet and all in one place.

10K Online Store

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12x R $ 175,99
  • Virtual store with own domain, hosting included for 1 year.
  • RapidSSL with guarantee of R $ 20 thousand for beginning stores
until 30/04

99K Online Store

12x R $ 195,99
  • Virtual store with own domain, hosting included for 1 year.
  • Comodo SSL with a guarantee of R $ 200 thousand and 2048-bit encryption

10EV Virtual Store

12x R $ 237,99
  • Virtual store with own domain, hosting included for 1 year.
  • Comodo SSL EV with warranty and green address bar

What is SSL?

SSL is an encrypted security certificate (“scrambled data”) designed to guarantee the integrity of the transfer of information between the sites and the users. It protects your website against data interception by hackers. SSL has been increasingly requested and since 2018, Google gives priority to sites that have the certificate enabled.

Page Builder Premium

WordPress has a plethora of themes and plugins that help in creating a website. Among these, there are those that offer more resources and facilities to make the creation of the website faster and more professional. Like Premium page builder, you will have access to incredible tools for your website to make a presence on the Internet.


What is the SSL certificate guarantee?

Some of the largest companies authorized to issue certificates on the Internet, offer a payment guarantee for fraud due to certificate security breaches. If the certificate fails, the issuing company will pay the amount corresponding to its type of certificate. The amount is shown in the contract of your plan.

Which plan is the most ideal?

When choosing a hosting plan, the availability of resources must be taken into account. If you already have or will need 10GB or more of storage, the PRO plan is right for you.

Integration with payment methods

The online store is integrated with pagseguro and Paypal, which in turn accept most credit cards and other payment methods. It is the safest way for buyers and sellers.

Does the store calculate shipping?

The virtual store is prepared to calculate the front.

Your store protected from malware

Malware is malicious files (such as viruses) infiltrated into your files, designed to cause damage such as changes to your pages, steal information, among others. Our servers have scanning tools to identify and eliminate these types of files.

How is my plan space counted?

The sum takes into account the files on your website and the email messages saved on the server. If you only use Webmail, IMAP configuration or save copies of emails on the server, in the POP3 configuration, be aware of the total storage available in your plan.